Many thanks to student and friend, Phil Pape, for playing a key role in bringing Greg’s vision to life. Giving his time, labor and expertise in builiding the gym, he saved Greg a great deal of money and headaches.

Phil, Dominic Escuela, Eddie Ardon, and the team of students unselfishly provided their time and efforts to the creation of ASSG. Special thanks to Willi Wong for providing the finances and encouragement to open the gym. In addition, he was instrumental in not only designing the layout for the gym, but also the unique logo that defines our philosophy. Their generosity and hard work will always be remembered and appreciated.

Greg appreciates those in the boxing and martial arts world for their teachings, advice and wisdom.

Last but not least, Greg would like to give a heartfelt thanks to his late grandfather, Moises Ardon, for introducing him to the sport and teaching him since childhood and for his love and encouragement through the years.