3 of our top fighters have been selected to represent Team USA and fight in
The 3rd International & Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival.
This tournament will be taking place March 12th- 22nd in Thailand

We are all extremely proud of our fighters to be given this opportunity. But their journey does not end with being selected, they need help from our community with attaining the funds for hotel and travel.



December 18, 2017

The holiday season is upon us!

So our holiday hours are as followed:

Monday 12/25/2017 we will be CLOSED all day !

Tuesday 12/26/2017  we will OPEN @ 2:00 pm and CLOSING @ 8:00pm !

Monday 01/1/2018 we will be CLOSED all day !


Our 2017 Year End ASSG Boxing & Muay Thai Smoker event was a great success tonight. Super fights. Thank you all who came to support. Special thanks to my students and friends who helped out and brought their fighters to fight and support: Sensei Alex Davydov from Amerikick, Coach Nicky Demarco from Demarco’s Boxing Club, Coach Tito Flores from Our Long Island Branch and Andrea DeAngelo from Champions Gym and last but not least, our manager Carolina Espinosa and Alex Kim. Thank you all